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Microgaming Make Major Millions Millionaire At Glossy Bingo


14 Nov 2016

A Scottish woman playing at Glossy Bingo has become an instant millionaire after scooping £1,200,000 on the Major Millions slot game!

Microgaming progressive jackpot slots boast some fantastic jackpots and this one proved particularly lucky for Mandy Bowman who is now a millionaire after this massive win!

Mobile Play For Major Millions Winner

Mandy Bowman was playing Glossy Bingo from her mobile phone when she scooped an initial win of £400!

After winning, she switched to the progressive slot, Major Millions and it was then she matched up all the symbols in a row to scoop the big progressive jackpot.

The lucky lady had been playing for a while and was down to her last £3 when she decided to have one last spin.

Then the reels landed and before she could work out what was going on a message flashed up saying she had won the jackpot, she thought it was some kind of mistake and could hardly believe her luck.

The winner, from Buckie in Scotland says she isn’t a big gambler but likes to treat herself once a month.

Her father was a big fan of horse-racing and he taught her never to bet more than she can afford. This sensible gambling has clearly paid off as now she’s collected her cheque worth £1,200,000.

Major Millions From Microgaming

Major Millions is a long standing progressive slot game with jackpots that usually start at around £400,000.

The game, as the title suggests has a military theme and symbols including the Major, tanks, top secret letters, field binoculars and more.

There are some fantastic wins to be had on the game, and many great features too but it’s that big progressive that keeps players coming back!

Mandy Bowman is the latest in a line of millionaires the game has created, and now the jackpot starts to climb again for the next winner!