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Mega Moolah Jackpot Won At Nearly £6 Million


11 Aug 2019

The last time the Mega Moolah top jackpot was won was seven weeks and six days ago. That was until earlier today when one lucky punter saw the jackpot wheel land on the white segment and their bank balance increase by quite an amount.

This most recent win was worth a life-changing £5,956,662; nearly double the value of the last win on this popular progressive jackpot slot from Microgaming.

As is often the case when a jackpot is won, details of the big winner can take a while to be released. That said, the details of the casino at which the previous three winners were spinning the reels of Mega Moolah at have not been released to date.

One of those was 14 weeks ago, another 11 weeks previously and then nearly eight weeks ago. Details of these three wins are sparse, other than their values.

Not Quite A Record Breaking Win For Mega Moolah Spinner

Today’s win is not one that will be going down in Mega Moolah history. It’s nowhere near the biggest ever jackpot won on the game of €18,915,721.

This was won in September of last year at the Grand Mondial Casino.

That said, today’s win is higher than the average win value by over £1 million and it took less time to be won that the average time taken too. The average win value is just over £4.8 million and the average win time is eight weeks and five days.

What Would You Do With Nearly £6 Million?

With no details of the winner available at this point; no quote and no details of the host online casino, we will have to speculate on what they may have said if asked for a quote.

They will likely have told the interviewer of the things that they had planned to spend their money on whilst still recovering from the shock of becoming an overnight millionaire.

What would be on your list of must have’s if you won just under £6 million?