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Master Of WOW At 32Red Casino

The Master of Wow is the star of the new commercial from the online casino from 32Red but does the advert do enough to attract the attention of the viewer?


13 Mar 2016

For quite some time now we have wondered who the white-haired gentlemen is who greets us whenever we visit 32Red Casino. Today all was revealed thanks to the latest commercial from this popular brand.

The white-haired chap is known as the Master Of Wow and in the current commercial he explains how the 32Red Casino has gone from good to wow.

32Red Casino Star

In the most recent advert from this brand we are transported to the 32Red HQ where a woman in a grey suit walks through the office telling the viewer how 32Red has gone from good to great since the Master arrived.

At this point the Master ‘floats’ across the office on a cloud, a cloud that reminded us of when ‘primal chaos reigned’ in the 1970’s show, Monkey.

We’re then shown the Avalon game that someone appears to be working on. Master appears behind him saying ‘Like proud badger, we must keep introducing new games’.

We then catch a quick glimpse of Thunderstruck as he moves to another desk he says ‘better playing experiences’.

Another member of staff seems to be trialling the games on his tablet, as he goes to use his finger on his device, he finds it has become the Master of Wow!

A Karate Kid reference is then made but rather than ‘wax on, wax off’, it is swipe on, swipe off in reference to the use of the tablet.

The advert ends with the welcome bonus available to new players, £10 free – no deposit required.

32Red Casino Master Of Wow Commercial

If you haven’t seen the advert on the small screen yet, click the image below to view it on YouTube.

In Summary

We like the advert, it’s different enough from the normal story line to attract the attention of the viewer and informative enough to make you want to at least visit 32Red to see of they live up to their claims.