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Maria Casino Unveils A Whole New World

If you're a futuristic casino player then the Maria Casino TV advertising may well attract your attention.


8 Mar 2016

With the title of this article you could be forgiven for thinking that when we tell you about the new Maria Casino advert, we’re going to reveal that Peter Andre and Katie Price are singing the backing track – they’re not!

For a start that wouldn’t be great branding for ANY online casino and secondly, the Maria Casino advert is more ‘dark’ than that.

Maria Casino Commercial

The commercial opens with a black screen and then the words ‘It’s Time To Discover’ followed by ‘A New World.’

A building then appears and with each frame, we see inside the apartment and then more words. All the time tension is building thanks to the background music and the darkness of the advert.

We’re then shown screenshots of the new Maria Casino, they fly towards you on the screen with little time to actually see what they are before even more words appear.

If you haven’t yet viewed the advert on your TV set, simply click the image below and you can watch the full 54 second commercial.

Dull As Dishwater

Having sat through the 54 second commercial several times, minutes I cannot get back, I have come to the conclusion that it is as dull as dishwater.

I say it many times, this could be attributed to my gender. I want something more thrilling, like the experience I expect from an online casino.

I’m not a Star Wars fan, I’m more Pretty Woman. Don’t take me to the future and expect me to be excited, show me the bells and whistles of your casino – the flashing reels and big winners.

Sorry Maria Casino, I am sure your commercial will appeal to many people but it hasn’t grabbed my attention past the need to review it for business purposes.