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Manchester United Football Launch Online Casino


23 Oct 2016

Online casinos are hot property right now and gambling is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, and now Manchester United Football Club is jumping on the bandwagon, launching its first branded online casino!

Manchester United Casino – A World’s First

Man U are calling this a ‘world’s first’ as it partners with its official sponsor Marathonbet to bring fans a brand new online casino all decked out in Manchester United red!

It’s pioneering and innovative, the first deal of its kind between a large football club and an online casino. Players will be able to access a range of casino games, including live dealer roulette, blackjack and baccarat, played to the Old Trafford backdrop.

While the casino is very unlikely to appeal to say, Manchester City fans, it could be a clever advertising plot given that Manchester United has one of the biggest fan bases in the world.

The club’s fan base was recently put at 659 million people worldwide, and if that figure is true that’s one in ten of the entire global potential market.

Not So New

While the news is that Manchester United is launching a brand new casino and that in itself may have players excited, it’s actually just Marathonbet wearing its Man U strip. It is really no more than a marketing ploy, but given how much buzz it’s creating around the betting world, it could be one that works very well.

Could this be a nod to the future? Are we about to see every premiership football club put its name to an online casinos? Could we see Liverpool Casino, Everton, or maybe The Foxes for Leicester City, Premier League winners for the previous year?

It’s also an interesting move given that the government is about to ban pre-watershed gambling ads, using the football industry allows gambling firms to circumvent rules.

While we don’t wish to be cynical, many of Manchester United’s young fans are likely to be exposed to this product, and possibly long before they are old enough to gamble.