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Lucky Punter Accidentally Wins 10x More on Bet

A lucky customer who accidentally added an extra zero when placing a bet has won 10 times more than he intended as a mishap turns to good fortune.


17 Apr 2017

Even those who don’t gamble regularly throughout the year are often lured in by the thrill of the Grand National, the most famous steeplechase of all. Many were celebrating One for Arthur’s win at 16/1, but none so much as one lucky punter who accidentally hit too many zeroes when he placed the bet on a horse that then went on to win the race!

An Extra Digit

Alex Blackwell placed his bet for One for Arthur with Sky Bet in time for Saturday’s Grand National, but when placing the £20 bet, accidentally hit too many zeroes without noticing. If One for Arthur had not won he might have been pretty disappointed, but the win meant Blackwell picked up 10x what he was expecting!

The 38-year old didn’t notice his error when he placed the bet, despite the confirmation process at Sky Bet, in place to ensure these mistakes don’t happen. He says he certainly didn’t mean to bet £200 but it all turned out all right in the end as he collected a huge Grand National win.

Winnings Collected

Whether £20 or £200, Alex Blackwell would have been a Grand National winner but he was pretty thrilled this week to be able to withdraw a massive £2,200 after One for Arthur won at 16/1!

It’s not often the luck goes our way, and mistakes can be costly when gambling, but in this case it’s a story of good luck and a happy ending on this year’s Grand National. We hope you were lucky in your bets, even if you weren’t quite so lucky as Alex Blackwell.