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LeoVegas Advertorial Banned By ASA


5 Mar 2017

Many online gambling sites are turning to advertorials as a way to get their brand in front of the player. LeoVegas did just that in November last year and this triggered a single complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The complaint was about the welcome offer that appeared in the advertorial on the web page for the Mirror newspaper. In it there was talk of how Brits could get an extra £1,500 from an online loophole.

When you read the full text that incited the complaint, it’s certainly clear why it resulted in the ASA being contacted – it’s certainly suggestive of the reader being able to cash out an extra £1,500 from the site.

The full adjudication can be read here.

LeoVegas Responds

In reading the response from LeoVegas they appear to be at a loss as to how the ad suggests that the reader would receive £1,500 cash. Additionally, they believed that it was made clear that a bet would need to be placed in order to receive a possible bonus.

They added that nowhere in the advertorial was the word cash used but that the phrase welcome bonus had been used twice. They felt that this made it clear that the £1,500 was related to a bonus and not cash.

The ASA Disagrees With LeoVegas

Whilst the ASA understood that the advertorial on the webpage was promoting the bonus offer for new players they did not feel that LeoVegas made it clear as to whether the £1,500 was in cash or as a welcome bonus.

The ruling saw the full text of the advertorial posted twice and the ASA felt the it was likely to cause confusion as it was not clear in what was bring offered to the consumer. For this reason, the conclusion was that it was misleading and in breach of the CAP Code 3.1.

CAP 3.1
Marketing communications must not materially mislead or be likely to do so.