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Ladbrokes Casino publishes smartphone survey


24 Dec 2013

The latest Ladbrokes survey results have just been published on the news section of the operator’s online casino site, and it definitely makes for interesting reading.

Much of Ladbrokes’ business now comes from mobile players and, therefore, it makes sense that the survey targeted smartphone owners, asking them to confess their biggest social failures.

33% of people in the UK said they had hit the ‘send’ button after drafting a text, only to then realise the Auto-Correct feature had taken over and changed some of the wording, often turning an otherwise innocent message into something rather more embarrassing.

5% of men admitted they’d sent a dodgy or risqué picture of themselves, with many of the offending photos managing to end up with a work colleague rather than the intended recipient. On the subject of getting into trouble at work, 11% of females and 16% of males surveyed received a telling off after misdirecting tweets and texts after having too much to drink.

A third of the 18-24 age group experienced the fall-out of sending texts moaning about person Y to person Y directly, rather than a friend, and the same percentage of this age group also felt that they had damaged their social life by making these kinds of errors.

You can view a fuller version of the survey results at Ladbrokes Casino.

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