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Ladbrokes Casino And Dizzee Rascal


21 May 2019

Dizzee Rascal is no stranger to advertising and he is back again it would seem, promoting Ladbrokes Casino this time rather that Sky Sports.

We’re not exactly sure when the Ladbrokes Casino advert was launched featuring this British rapper, and it only came to our attention because it was tweeted about a few times.

The tweets would suggest that it has been on television since February of this year, or at least a Ladbrokes Casino advert of some description featuring Dizzee Rascal.

Twitter Users Views On Ladbrokes Casino

These are just a few examples of the tweets we have seen about the advert:

From February 2019

  • As if I’ve just seen Dizzee Rascal doing a ladbrokes advert #Wasteman
  • Ladbrokes ads are getting out of hand now, first James Buckley (Jay from the inbetweeners) and now Dizzee Rascal ffs
  • After watching that new Ladbrokes advert, I really can’t decide if I’m gassed or embarrassed for Dizzee.
  • Not content with advertising The Sun, Dizzee Rascal’s now advertising Ladbrokes. He’s a walking masterclass in selling out.

From March 2019

  • Anybody else profoundly distressed to see Dizzee Rascal advertising Ladbrokes Online Casino. All my heroes have been destroyed, I tell you! All of them!
  • Dizzee Rascal doing a Ladbrokes advert. A little part of me just died.

Not everyone is disappointed though….

  • Any chance of putting the Dizzee Rascal advert on Youtube? Brilliant laugh seeing it the other night!
  • The Dizzee Rascal Ladbrokes advert is marvellous.

The Ladbrokes Casino Advert

Unfortunately, the Ladbrokes Casino advert is not available to view via YouTube but you can watch it on the link below:

The advert starts in an Indian restaurant and then a voice shouts Ladbrokes, shaking the tables and all the food on them. A table lifts with a red telephone box appearing underneath.

Dizzee Rascal appears from the box and an older lady, who has been covered in korma, says his name.

He responds with ‘Yea, a bit of time travel and all that. Anyway, it’s time to show you Ladbrokes Casino’.

He then shows off ‘wicked’ roulette and blackjack before being handed his takeaway.

He calls his friend from the phone, telling him he has his order and that he also has a ‘banging baseline for his symphony’ before pulling the one arm bandit on the phone box and time travelling out of the restaurant.

We then see the Ladbrokes logo and hear Brian Blessed saying ‘Where the nation plays’.