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Jumanji Slot Trailer Released By NetEnt


23 Jan 2018

NetEnt have a reputation for providing great slot games to the world of online gaming and in amongst their titles are some that are based on popular box office hits.

Over the years we have seen them translate films like Jurassic Park and World, Aliens and most recently, Planet of The Apes to life in slot format.

The latest title is Jumanji and whilst little detail is known of a release date, NetEnt have released a trailer, a little teaser of what we can expect.

Jumanji Is A Box Office Hit

Jumanji was first released back in February 1996 and starred Robin Williams. Back then it grossed just $262.8 million.

In December of 2017 a new version of the film was released starring The Rock as well as a few other big names. Currently, it has generated $666.2 million at the Box Office and is Sony’s highest grossing non-Spiderman film.

The Jumanji Trailer From NetEnt

At the start of the trailer the dice are rolled and as they bounce in the dirt, the infamous line of “For Those Who Seek To Find’ appears on the screen.

Roots sprout from the plug socket and the bookcase rattles as the piece moves around the board game and more words appear. “A Way To Leave Their World Behind”…

Rhinoceros break through the bookcase and stampede through the house as monkeys wreak havoc in the kitchen. All are scenes from the 1995 film and we see several more during the minute long trailer. What we don’t see is even a hint of how the game play will be.

NetEnt are playing things cool and keeping all their cards close to their chest but we have heard that more details should be available at the ICE Totally Gaming Show that takes place in February.

You can view the trailer by clicking the link below:

We’re excited about another new NetEnt game and will bring you further details as we have them.