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Jamie Vardy Targeted by Fruity King In Holocaust Tweet


17 Mar 2016

It looks likely that the Fruity King Casino is soon to get a slap on the wrist by the Advertising Standards Agency after a tweet was posted on Twitter about Leicester City player, Jamie Vardy.

Fruity King caused outrage on Twitter on March 14th when they posted an image of the player along with the text ‘Jamie Vardy looking like an extra from Schindler’s list’.

Twitter Responds To Jamie Vardy Comment

Twitter users were not at all impressed, tweeting their distaste with comments like:

I’d recommend hiring a new social media person!

We don’t think the murder of millions of people in the #holocaust is something to make fun of.

What’s the opposite of marketing?

Wow, using a tragic event to promote a mobile casino, that’s scum.

Using a tragedy to promote your sorry brand. You thought that was clever marketing? You’re just pathetic.

The best has to be a tweet that says what we’d actually been thinking:

Seriously? You’re no Paddy Power are you? At least they are actually funny!

They are not wrong, whilst Paddy Power have come a cropper with the ASA a few times, nothing they have done has quite offended the masses like this tweet from Fruity King.

Paddy Power are actually quite ingenious in their marketing whereas Fruity King has just been offensive.

ASA Likely To Receive Complaints

There is no doubt that the ASA will receive complaints but whether a ruling against Fruity King will be passed, it remains to be seen.

The offending tweet has been removed and Fruity King have issued an apology but when you look at the tweets that have followed, they really don’t appear to have taken the issue seriously.

These are two tweets posted shortly after the Jamie Vardy incident:

Fruity King Tweets

However you feel about the tweet, Fruity King have had massive free publicity because of it with many national newspapers picking up the story.

Genius marketing or just plain stupid? You decide.