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ITV Faces Backlash For Gambling Adverts In I’m A Celebrity App


4 Dec 2018

There have been many changes in the way gambling operators advertise their wares over the last couple of years. One requirement that all have to adhere to is not to appeal to children.

It’s understandable then that Labour’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, has criticised ITV for allowing tombola arcade to advertise in the I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here app.

The concern has been the children are being ‘ bombarded’ with adverts for tombola arcade and figures suggest that of the 1 million that have downloaded the app, a significant proportion are under 18’s.

I’m A Celebrity App Not Age Verified

Because the I’m A Celebrity series is one that appeals to all age groups, the app on which viewers can vote is not age-verified. Mr Watson is reported in The Guardian as having said

Non-age verified apps should not be able to bombard children who are simply trying to vote for their favourite contestant, with gambling adverts.

This is unacceptable, particularly in light of recent figures that show a significant rise in the number of young people with gambling problems.

All involved, operators, broadcasters and the government, need to start acting more responsibly.

You can read the full article from The Guardian here.

I’m Celebrity Voting Confusion

In the article, one mother tells of how her 13-year-old son believed he had to register at tombola arcade in order to cast his vote for his favourite celebrity.

She went on to explain that watching the programme was something they all did as a family. She said she was shocked to be asked questions about gambling rather than questions about the previous sponsor of the show that was Iceland.

Could we be about to see a ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority against tombola?

It wouldn’t be the first time a gambling operator has been in trouble for in-app advertising. In September 2018 both Bell Fruit Casino and William Hill Vegas both had a slap on the virtual wrist for their in-app advertising.

William Hill Vegas was advertised during Mario Kart 8 and Bell Fruit Casino in Dude Perfect 2. You can read about the rulings here.