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Irish Lotto Win For Ladbrokes Punter

A taxi ride proved to be quite lucrative for a Ladbrokes punter who landed a win of over a million on the Irish Lotto.


14 Feb 2016

An anonymous man in his 60’s recently made a claim on the Irish Lotto worth £1,018,020 after spending £12 on tickets at a Ladbrokes bookies in Glasgow.

However, it was only whilst chatting with a cabbie that he realised he may have actually become a millionaire overnight!

An innocent comment made by the driver whilst passing the bookies where the ticket was purchased was all it took for to make the lucky winner check his ticket.

Last week Ladbrokes had launched an appeal to try and find the owner of the winning ticket after it was revealed that it had been purchased in the Westmuir Street brand in the Parkhead area of Glasgow.

Ladbrokes Appeal For Lotto Win

May different news channels took up the story after the winning claim was not made instantly following the draw on 16th January.

Ladbrokes were keen to tell how this lucky winner was the third big Scottish winner in a week. There was a £33 million winner on the UK Lotto from Hawick, and another who landed a £2.2 million jackpot online too.

They told how the cheque was ready for the winner to come and collect and suggested that anyone who had purchased a ticket, double check them for the numbers 14 – 18 – 25 – 37 – 33 and 44.

Unsuspecting Ladbrokes Winner

It was during a taxi ride along the Tollcross Road that the unsuspecting winner was listening to the cabbie having a gossip about the unclaimed ticket as they passed the Ladbrokes bookies in question.

The winner picks up the story saying

I remember thinking ‘that’s where I buy my tickets’ and recalling that I had yet to check my numbers.

As soon as I arrived home I went online to check them and realised immediately that I was the missing winner!

My legs felt like jelly as I asked my wife ‘How would you feel if we were millionaires?’

I play the same numbers each and very week on the Irish Lotto but even though I have now won, I won’t be changing them.