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Identity Check Changes On The Cards?


25 Jun 2017

All online gamblers will have had to provide their identity documents at some point to their favourite online casino, poker, bingo or sports betting site and more often than not, this is at the point of withdrawal.

However, this could be set to change in coming months as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) recently urged operators to request identity documents BEFORE a withdrawal request is received.

The news has been published on the UKGC website and can be read here.

Licence Conditions Breached By Failing To Identity Check Players

The article tells of how companies are putting their businesses at risk but not having earlier communication with players and waiting until they request a withdrawal before requesting identity documents.

They are failing to meet the anti-money laundering and social responsibility requirements of their licence conditions.

This is not a new thing though, as a member of many online casinos and bingo sites, I have only once been required to provide any form of identification following a deposit without a withdrawal request.

This was at a fairly new bingo site, Blighty Bingo, and the moment the deposit was complete, I was notified that I had three days to provide either my driving licence or passport number.

On all other occasions my ID, utility bill and credit card back and front have only been requested at the point of a withdrawal request.

Programme Director of Gambling Commission Comment

Sharon McNair, the programme director at the Gambling Commission, states in the report that each customer has a different level of risk, something that should be managed by the operator. She believes that this should push operators to engage with customers to maintain social responsibility.

She asks that all operators undertake a review of their processes to ensure that all their licence obligations are being met.

Impact On Players

We are unlikely to see all customers requested to provide documents, this would not be easily manageable, but those that deposit and play on a regular basis may be required to provide documents before the even request a withdrawal.

Don’t be surprised if you are soon required to provide a selection of documents at your favourite online casino.