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How Regulatory Crackdowns Signalled the Loss of the Casino Bonus


17 Apr 2019

If you’ve been using online gambling sites since the industry was in its infancy then you’re probably used to big casino bonuses, big reloads and rewards. But the industry is changing, particularly in the UK and now with such strict regulation, anything that tempts players into spending extra is frowned upon and that means a big change in casino bonuses!

Bonus Offers

Bonus offers are often used by casinos to tempt players to sign up, continue playing, or be rewarded for losing. These offers often come with quite complicated terms and conditions, with wagering requirements often so high it could turn out impossible to turn your cash into withdrawable funds.

Often terms and bonus rules could be hard to find on site, complicated and confusing, and hard to make any sense of, and it’s this kind of offer that has been seeing a crackdown of late!

Regulations and New Rules

The Gambling Commission have been cracking down on these offers in recent years, particularly those that tie you into big play through requirements or tempt you to spend more than you can afford, and for many online casinos this has meant an end to the offers they used to use to tempt you in.

It might sound like the player loses out, but as many of these offers came with rules that meant you could never withdraw any cash, it’s probably a good thing for the industry.

The offers haven’t disappeared completely, and those that are still available are more transparent, more honest, and better news for players. The recent crackdowns in casino regulation might feel a little harsh but overall it’s hoped that the entire casino industry will be a more trusted place, set up with the customer’s best interests in mind.