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Halloween Trailer Released By Microgaming


6 Sep 2017

In July we covered the news that Microgaming had signed a licensing agreement with Compass International Pictures to bring the iconic Halloween story to the online casino players.

At the end of August, Microgaming released a trailer of the Halloween slot, and we have news of the official launch date! The Michael Myers themed game will hit your mobile, desktop and laptop on 4th October 2017.

The Halloween Trailer

The trailer itself features clips from the first film and includes some of the most famous characters from the horror.

You’ll see the teenage scream queen, Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curtis and even Samuel Loomis who was played by Donald Pleasance in the early films.

Of course, Jason also appears on the slot and there are a number of extra bonus features to be activated when you play the game.

Click the image below to view the trailer.

Playing The Halloween Game From Microgaming

The game is a 50 payline slot which has five reels and is based on the slasher film from John Carpenter of the same name.

As soon as the game starts, if you have watched the film, you’ll feel the suspension and tension created by the dark and sinister tune.

The reels themselves are filled with an array of objects from the film including clown mask, knives, and of course, characters from the film.

The game offers a number of features including Wandering Reels, the Trick or Treat Feature, the Bogeyman Bonus and as we have come to expect from most slots, free spins.

From the trailer, the game looks to have great playability but until we have spun the reels for ourselves at launch, we’re going to hold back on waxing too lyrical about the Halloween slot.

That said, we’re keen to give it a go and will be heading to 32Red Casino on 4th October to give the reels a spin.