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Golden Card Blackjack Giveaway at Gala Casino

Play live blackjack at Gala Casino during the Golden Card promotional times and you could win a bonus worth up to £100 while playing, plus if the dealer wins, everyone does!


2 Jan 2018

As the festivities continue, some of our favourite online casino promotions are running down to their final days now, so it’s time to look at those regular favourites that we sometimes overlook for the big promotions. If you love Blackjack you could earn yourself up to £100 in bonus cash on the live Blackjack tables at Gala Casino, here’s how!

Live Blackjack

What better way to spend a night in while you have some time off work than to play Live Blackjack at Gala Casino? It’s almost as good as going out, as the casino comes to your living room for some live action!

The Exclusive Blackjack at Gala Casino is a sensational live version of everyone’s favourite table game, and it’s where you need to be for the chance to receive a Golden Card from the dealer.

Cards Mean Bonuses

To qualify you’ll need to log on to the Exclusive Blackjack at Gala Casino, and deposit £20 or more, then play at the Live Casino between 5pm and 11pm for your chance to receive a Golden Card.

There are ten Golden Cards in each session, one of these is worth a massive £100 bonus, three are worth £50 and there are six bonuses worth £20 each. If you’re dealt one of these cards, then win or lose, you receive the Golden Card bonus.

What’s more, if the Dealer receives a Golden Card, everyone sitting at the table for that hand wins a £20 bonus!

Live Blackjack is as fun and immersive as it sounds, and with this fantastic Golden Card bonus too, you have even more reason to log on to Gala Casino’s Live Casino!

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