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German Uses Casino Legality to Avoid Visa Bill

An online casino player from Germany has successfully got out of paying his Visa bill after arguing that casino play in Germany is actually verboten.


12 Sep 2018

An online gambler from Germany has used a loophole in German gambling laws to avoid paying his Visa bill. According to a report by a German legal advisory platform, the District Court of Munich dismissed a claim brought by Landesbank Berlin against a gambler who refused to pay his Visa bill, and here’s why.


The gambler in question didn’t deny making the charges, but he did refuse to pay and you would think that the court would be compelled to make him pay his tab. However, the gambler argued that the bank had no right to collect the cash because online casino gambling is strictly verboten in Germany, that’s forbidden for those who don’t speak German.

In the court case the court ruled that since the transaction in question utilised the gambling specific Merchant Category Code the bank should have declined the transaction as an illegal activity, but because they didn’t do this, the debt is void due to the illegality of online gambling in the country.

What now?

While the gambler who played the Visa company like a fool might be laughing, he could find it blows up in his face if the German government decide to prosecute him for illegal gambling. In 2015 a Munich court convicted a Blackjack fan who had won big and he was forced to forfeit his €63,000 winnings.

Now that the credit card company has been caught out, it’s likely that banks and credit cards companies in Germany are likely to be more strict with those wanting to play at online casinos, while Germany continue to attempt to update their gambling laws for a modern age.