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Genting’s Miami casino plans stall


14 Jun 2013

Malaysian-owned Genting looks to be slowing down with its mission to build a new super-casino in Miami.

It’s recently been reported that the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce has announced it will be staying put in its leased premises at the city’s Omni Center for another ten years, meaning that the gambling giant won’t be able to make full use of the site.

Genting purchased the Omni Center back in 2011, when company executives had hoped they could fast-track a deal through Florida legislature which would allow them to have a casino built and operating within months. However, necessary legislation required to allow full-service casinos to operate within South Florida was never passed, and Genting’s since taken a back seat with its original plans.

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is just one of the current tenants of the Genting-owned property, which is also occupied by a Hilton Hotel, 300,000 square feet of offices, a 2,500 space garage, and 600,000 square feet of retail space. The decision to allow the CMCC to extend its lease for a further ten-year period would indicate that the gambling conglomerate’s push to legalise gambling in the state of Florida is now on the backburner.

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