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Gambling popularity increasing in the UK


2 Jul 2013

According to the latest information from the Gambling Commission, the United Kingdom gambling industry is continuing to grow.

Between October 2011 and September 2012, the industry generated a gross yield of £6.2 billion, which is an impressive increase of £300m on previous figures for the period from April 2011 to March 2012.

While the sectors of bingo, casino, betting, remote and lotteries also experienced healthy growth, the arcade sector saw a significant decline. The best performing market was highlighted as the non-remote betting sector, which generated 50% of the Gross Gaming Yield (GGY). In contrast, the remote gambling sector accounted for 13% of the total GGY and the bingo sector accounted for 12%.

The highly-controversial B2 machines, which have been dubbed by some as “the crack cocaine of gambling” provided an increase of 4.5% (£1.5 billion) on the previous period, despite only a small increase in their number through the UK’s betting shops. B2 machines are also known as Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, and the Government has been investigating claims that these machines are linked to problem gambling.

The Gross Gaming Yield for remote operators who are licensed in the UK also increased, with a rise of more than £85m to almost £800m.