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Gambling Commission Publishes Advertising Reminder For Operators


10 Sep 2018

It used to be that quite a few of the adverts for online casinos and other forms of gambling would be under scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Gambling Commission (UKGC), but lately there are very few rulings published for gambling operators.

The reason for this is that most operators are now working well within the guidelines to avoid falling foul of a ruling against them that could now result in a penalty.

However, whilst penalties can now be imposed we believe that most operators are working to the guidelines and rules to protect their players.

That hasn’t stopped the Gambling Commission publishing a reminder for gambling operators around the rules for advertising and sponsorship.

Five Main Points For Advertising Rules

On the Gambling Commission webpage on 7th September, five rules were published and these can be read here.

The rules focused on the following:

  1. Football club websites and gambling adverts that appear on them: operators were reminded that their adverts should not appear on specific areas of the webpage that would have appeal, or are targeted to children. As an example they mentioned the junior section of a club’s website.
  2. Gambling advertising on the football shirts of those under the age of 18: this one is pretty self-explanatory but targets the replica kits that are sold. If they are for children, gambling logos cannot be on the kit and, if a team has an under 18 in it, it cannot appear on their kit.
  3. Terms and conditions: you will probably have noticed over the last year that a welcome bonus advertised on the home page of your favourite casino has the terms and conditions listed underneath where it wasn’t before. Operators have to be clear on all the conditions of any offer or promotion that they, or a third party, advertise.
  4. Advertising that holds appeal to under 18s: another thing you may have noticed is that many of your favourite slots do not now appear on the home page of the casinos online. The reason for this is that some held appeal to the under 18s and these have to be restricted to areas of a site where a player’s age has been validated.
  5. Advertising and problem gambling: another common sense reminder, don’t try and sell your wares in a way that’s going to appeal, or target, those with a gambling problem.

New rules are set to be put into force on 31st October 2018 and it is at this point, there will be tougher action against operators who do breach the rules.