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Are Fruity King Set To Be Everton Shirt Sponsors?


3 Aug 2016

Fruity King is a name that you may have heard of; we’ve certainly written an article or two about them in the past.

However, the most recent Fruity King news that we covered didn’t show the brand in a great light and referenced a tweet that referred to Jamie Vardy as an extra from Schindler’s list.

The news today is certainly a bit more upbeat as it looks as though Everton FC are set to sign a sponsorship deal with Fruity King.

£22m Fruity King Shirt Deal

Rumour has it that Fruity King are the front-runners in the race to become the Toffees’ shirt sponsor for the new season, a deal that is set to cost this online gambling company £22million!

Currently Everton has a shirt sponsorship deal with the Thai Beer company Chang but this is set to expire.

From what we understand Fruity King are currently only in ‘talks’ so it could all fall flat on its face as previous deals have done with this company in the past.

Previous Fruity King ‘Talks’

In January 2015 the Daily Record printed an article that revealed Fruity King were in talks with the football governing body to sponsor the four senior leagues in Scotland.

Additionally they were in discussions in March of this year with Celtic but were pipped at the proverbial post by Dafabet.

Not The Brand For Everton

Having taken a quick scroll through some of the social media posts by Fruity King, as if the Jamie Vardy one wasn’t enough, the company post stuff like:

Fruity King - Tweets

I think just the three example tweets (yes, we spotted the grammatical error) are reason enough that none of the deals so far have come to fruition (excuse the pun).

Personally, if I were involved in choosing which brand gets the sponsorship deal with Everton, Fruity King wouldn’t even be in the running! Maybe they should just look to Paddy Power, the company whose humour Fruity King are clearly trying to imitate but fail miserably at.

Whilst Fruity King try to be funny, everything just appears to come across as crass or nasty and although this has resulted in plenty of free publicity for them, it doesn’t really give them the edge over competitors who may be bidding on the Everton shirt sponsorship.

Will we be seeing this brand on the Everton kit? Only time will tell.