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Foxy Casino Teams Up With LADbible


31 Oct 2017

When it comes to thinking a little out of the box, the marketing team for Foxy Casino have certainly done just that by getting into bed with LAdbible and their nearly 29 million followers!

They have teamed up with LADbible, a social media and entertainment company that are best known for their viral video creations, to bring you some pretty awkward phone calls.

3.2M Views And Climbing For Foxy Casino Clip

We checked out the clip on the LADbible Facebook page, and it can be found on the Foxy Casino page too. It has already had an impressive 3.2 million views.

It would be interesting to see just how many conversions to real money players this has generated for the online casino.

The clip showcases some of the most awkward phone calls and you’ll certainly be cringing for the woman who tells her best friend of 12 years that she slept with her new partner before she met him!

Playing Along With Foxy Casino

Participants have to pick a card from the presenter and then read it out before performing the task to win a prize, or not.

The first is a young lady called Grace and her card says

Call your best mate and admit that their current partner is actually your ex.

Grace is brilliant but our favourite had to be Patrick. His card said

Pick a number at random and confess that you are in love with them.

The presenter chooses a number at random from his phone, and James is the lucky recipient of the call!

James is a mate that Patrick used to live with and the phone call goes something like this:

James: Hello, Patrick?
Patrick: Yeah, how you doing?
James: Yeah, good mate, what’s up?
Patrick: I think…I’m in love with you
James: Brilliant.
Patrick: What d’ya mean ‘brilliant’? Past year I’ve been drawing pictures of you and thinking about you a lot.
James: You’re creeping me out!
Patrick: Look, can I just see you later?
James: Yeah, sure.

For that, he won £50!

It’s far more interesting watching it so look it up on Facebook.