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Foxy Casino, Heather Graham And A Bubble Bath


22 Oct 2017

Foxy Casino, and its better known bingo brand, are best known for the woodland creature that’s the face of the site – or at least it once was.

Earlier in the year we saw the operators of the brand take a different marketing tact and introduce a new face for Foxy (both bingo and casino).

Heather Graham is now the star of the Foxy Casino marketing campaigns and whilst it appears to work for casino, the loss of the purple suited fox has not been as warmly welcomed by bingo players.

Foxy Casino Bubble Bath Ad

In the latest round of advertising for the casino, we saw Heather Graham relaxing in a bubble bath with the Foxy suit in a pile at the end of the tub.

She’s luxuriating in the bath with her iPad and then says, quite provactively and with the emphasis being on the word she is going to say beginning with F….

I don’t know about you but I find being foxy all day exhausting. There’s nothing better after that than kicking back and taking on the house.

We are then shown a winning combination spun in on the Starburst slot.

She then opens her mouth to speak again, but this time it’s the dulcet Northern tones of Foxy who requests more bubbles for the bath.

Jeanette appears and pours a bottle of champagne into the bath before ‘Foxy’ can be heard saying

She’s as useless as the G in lasagna!

To watch the advert, simply click the image below:

What Next For Foxy Casino Advertising?

Foxy didn’t appear in the current advert, not in his proper form at least. However, we did see his ‘suit’ and hear his voice. Is the next round of marketing from the brand going to see him disappear entirely?

It’s likely and for the online casino, it won’t be a loss. Heather certainly brings a classier feel to the commercials.