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Fonejacker Star Fronts Paddy Power Campaign

'Riff raff' and 'the great unwashed' are mentioned in the latest commercial from Paddy Power but is the terminology likely to offend and if so who?


19 Mar 2016

You may not know Kayvan Novak by name but you’ll likely know his voice, or one of the many he puts on for the E4 prank call show Fonejacker.

It was in 2005 that Kayvan and Ed Tracy created Fonejacker as part of the Channel 4 Comedy Lab. It first aired on television back in 2007.

Currently Kayvan is in talks to create a film based on popular characters like the BT Engineer who telephones a book shop to see if their phone line is ‘crackly’ or a posh bloke who calls a scrap yard with plans to get another man’s car scrapped because he is having sex with his wife.

In the interim Kayvan has stepped up to be the front man of the new Paddy Power complaints commercials, timely in their airing considering the recent hauling over the coals by the UK Gambling Commission.

Kayvan Novak In Paddy Power Commercials

If you click the link below you can watch one of the set of four that we will be seeing on the small screen over the coming weeks.

In the above advert we’re shown the Paddy Power complaints phone ringing and a chap wearing a green suit answer with the words ‘Complain away’.

We’re then taken to a horse racing event where a well to do lady, complete with Galilean binoculars, proceeds to complain about the current Cheltenham deal being open to everybody, including riff raff.

The recipient of the phone call then tells of the current offer and reiterates that it is available for every single race at Cheltenham, every single day.

The posh women, sounding exasperated, questions ‘surely not for the great unwashed too?’

‘Whoa there nelly. Do they get their own life-sized Ruby Walsh cake?’ enquires the green-suited Paddy Power employee.

It’s all very tongue in cheek and very good fun but are the ‘riff-raff’ and the ‘great unwashed’ about to start complaining to the Advertising Standards Authority?

Someone surely will, it’s path of the course for Paddy Power commercials!