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Extra Training And £300,000 Fine For Casino 36


14 Jul 2019

Recently we have seen quite a few online gambling operators receive hefty fines from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). However, fines for the retail gambling industry are few and far between.

Last week the UKGC announced that the personal management licence (PML) holders for Casino 36 had been told to undertake extra training and also find £300,000 due to failings in their anti-money laundering and social responsibility.

Casino 36 had been investigated by the UKGC and during that investigation, were found to have failed to carry out checks. These checks were:

  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)
  • Source of Funds (SOF)
  • Source of Wealth (SOW)

33 customers were not checked in the appropriate manner and Casino 36 had failed to interact with those that were showing potential signs of problem gambling.

Casino 36 Financial Penalty Disbursement

The £300,000 fine levied against Casino 36 will be split as £147,741 that will be divested and £152,259 will be payment in lieu of the financial penalty for the breach of licence conditions.

£18,648 is a contribution towards the investigative costs of the UK Gambling Commission.

Conditions Of Licence For Casino 36

Other conditions have been added to the licence of the casino.

Casino 36 are required to:

  • Assess the training needs of all staff and provide appropriate training within three months of the acceptance of the licence condition.
  • The PML and staff in key positions must attend outsourced training for anti-money laundering within three months of the acceptance of the conditions and then repeat this training annually.

Additionally they have been told to:

  • Continue with EDD to for the 250 customers across the group identified by customer profiling. This is to include 125 customers by drop (the money they spend) and 125 customers by loss (the money that they lose). This has to be done within six months and then take place annually thereafter.

You can read the full details of the investigation here, on the UK Gambling Commission webpage.