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Exclusive Live Casino Game Launched At Casumo


8 Oct 2018

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, online casinos are having to work harder and harder to be different in an ever expanding market place. Casumo do that on many levels already but now they have launched Topwheel Treasure, an exclusive casino money wheel.

The game uses a vertical wheel that is spun by one of the live hosts at Casumo. It can be played from as little as 10p but offers a maximum bet per spin of £2,500 per game round.

Playing Topwheel Treasure With Casumo

You’ll have seen this type of wheel in various formats on different slots and casino sites in the past. There’s the Wheel of Fortune, a Super Wheel, a Money Wheel and a Dream Catcher at other casinos.

Some sites even use this type of wheel to determine the welcome bonus offered to a new player.

The Topwheel Treasure wheel has a total of 54 segments, each of the same size. The wheel, when spun, rotates vertically and the pointer clips through the segments until it lands on a spot.

52 of the segments contain a number (1,2, 5, 10, 20 and 40), the other two have multipliers (x2 and x7).

To play you need to guess which segment the pointer will land on. If you are correct then you will win the amount listed in the pay table for your bet.

Should the pointer stop on a multiplier then all the bets placed remain whilst the host spins the wheel again. If the wheel lands on a multiplier again, bets stay in place and the wheel spins again. This will be continuous until a number is landed on. The maximum that can be won though is £500,000.

Topwheel Treasure At Casumo

You can see a snippet of the fun that can be had playing Topwheel Treasure at Casumo by clicking the link below: