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Everybody’s Jackpot now at Betfair Casino


20 Aug 2013

The Everybody’s Jackpot slot is a revolutionary progressive jackpot game which can be found at many Playtech casinos, such as Betfair Casino.

It’s one of the latest titles to be added to Betfair’s already-impressive line-up of 32 progressive slots but while some new releases will arrive with a minimum amount of fuss, this one’s sure to get players champing at the bit as it offers not just the lucky winner, but the whole community, a share of the PJP.

Whoever lands the winning spin gets to take home 70% of the prize money. The remaining 30% is shared amongst all the players who’ve made qualifying bets on the game in the last 24 hours. Half of the community jackpot amount will be split evenly and half proportionally according to how much each qualifying player wagered while playing the game.

If you’re wondering how you’d know if you were a qualifying player should someone sneak along and take the PJP from under your nose, you’ll get a personal notification where a game hostess will appear on-screen bearing a cheque.

As well as the chance to grab the individual or community jackpot, Everybody’s Jackpot could reward you with twelve free spins which can be re-triggered, and multipliers of x3. See it for yourself at Betfair Casino.

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