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Emojiplanet Coming Soon From NetEnt


14 Feb 2017

It doesn’t matter what social media application you use, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat or any others, you will have used an Emoji at some point on your journey into the world of social media.

In the summer (August 2017) a film called The Emoji Movie is set to be released from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation and will feature big names like James Corden.

Always with their fingers on the pulse when it comes to creating new games, NetEnt have announced that in Quarter 3 of 2017 they will be launching a title called Emojiplanet.

Emoji Movie Inspiration for Emojiplanet

The film is going to focus on Gene, a multi-expressional Emoji who just wants to be a normal Emoji. It is based on a script that was written by Eric Siegel and Tony Leondis and is set in a digital world on a smartphone.

July last year, on World Emoji Day, Gene was named as the lead and then in October, James Corden was announced as being Hi-Five – the hand Emoji in the film.

The trailer for the movie can be seen below

Emojiplanet Launching Q3 2017

The official NetEnt site tells of the launch of Emojiplant in Q3 of 2017 and the Chief Product Officer, Simon Hammond, said

NetEnt believes the Emojis is a perfect fit for us as a leader in both online and mobile gaming innovation. Each and every day, billions of people using Emojis, they have become a language in their own right.

The Global Merchandising Services Ltd also spoke of their excitement and Jens Drinkwater, their Licensing Manager, is quoted as having said

We are extremely excited to see the colourful and exciting world of the Emoji company being brought to the gaming community. We have no doubt that NetEnt will ensure the Emojiplanet will be popular with all players.