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Dragonfish Brands Changes T&C’s For Instant Games

As of 13th June 2016 there is to be a cap implemented on Dragonfish sites to the amount of money you can convert to real cash from bonus funds.


8 Jun 2016

There are currently a substantial number of online bingo sites that are part of the Dragonfish network and each of them offer an impressive suite of casino games.

As well as the bingo brands, a number of slot specific sites have been appearing on the Internet from the network too.

A recent email from all of the brands that we are registered with has revealed that on 13th June 2016 there are to be some changes around the bonuses for Instant Games.

Bonuses For Instant Games From Dragonfish

The email that was received from most brands simply said

We would like to inform you of changes to our Terms and Conditions which will take effect on June 13th 2016.

In brief, the change is related to instant games as follows:

With the exception of progressive jackpot wins, the amount of bonus money transferred to real money cannot exceed £400 over the initial bonus amount granted to you which was used to derive such winnings.

However, some brands tried to put the change into layman’s terms to make it a bit easier to understand for the player.

One example that was given was

  1. Let’s say you we give you 100 free spins.
  2. Then you win £15 games bonus with your free spins .
  3. After meeting wagering requirements you can convert your games bonus to real cash up to £415 (that’s £400 plus your initial £15 games bonus from your free spins winnings) .

Are These Acceptable Changes?

Whilst we understand the need to cap the amount of winnings generated by bonus money we feel that, in the same way as you have an option to accept a bonus or not at many online casinos (and even some bingo sites), the Dragonfish brands need to extend the same choice to their players.

Currently at the bingo sites and slot specific brands, the bonuses given are not optional.