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Customer Complaints Rise as Industry is Regulated More Highly


16 Aug 2019

One thing that has been clear in recent years and that is the way the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has been tightening down on regulation of the industry to protect consumers against problem gambling and unscrupulous operators and that is clearly visible to players as customer complaints against firms are up 5,000% in 5 years!

Figures from Gambling Commission

The figures by the UK Gambling Commission, collected by BBC Panorama show that there was a record 8,266 complaints against operators in 2018 compared with just 169 in 2013. These complaints mainly centred around problem gamblers alleging that online gambling firms have continued to try and entice them back to bet via emails and adverts, even after they have self excluded.

Due to the crackdown by the UKGC in recent years, it’s now clear that problem gamblers understand the responsibility of the gambling firms to help them resist the temptation to continue gambling, and it’s clear from the number of complaints, that UK gambling firms still have a way to go to perfect compliancy.

Fines for Emails

As many problem gamblers are high rollers, they are often VIP customers and as such receive special bonuses and offers via email. When customers self-exclude these emails should stop but as they are often control by algorithms and not people, this doesn’t always happen.

The UK Gambling Commission has levied massive fines to operators who have failed in this area, including a £5.9 million penalty to Ladbrokes Coral recently, and with so many complaints from customers it seems the onus really is now on casinos and gambling sites to prevent customers being targeted after they have self excluded.

The figures were collated for the BBC for a Panorama programme called Addicted to Gambling, which aired on Monday evening.