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Craps considered too rude for London casino


26 Sep 2013

According to the Evening Standard, a popular casino based in the West End of London has removed their signage advertising ‘craps’, as it is regarded as too rude, and replaced it with a sign displaying the word ‘Dice’ instead.

In a move, that will seem to some as political correctness gone mad, the Hippodrome have decided to save the British public and visiting tourists having their sensibilities offended, by toning down the word for the dice game – which in UK vernacular means to go to the lavatory and empty the bowels – with a softer name instead.

American visitors to the Hippodrome casino tables will probably wonder what all the fuss is about, as to them craps is just a very popular casino game. Simon Thomas, the owner of the popular casino stated that one of the reasons for the change is to save ‘confusion’, and remarked “The other night an American came in and asked the way to ‘the craps’ and one of our East European waitresses pointed him to the gents.”

One wonders if the money belt called a ‘fanny pack’ often worn by travellers from the US will be banned in the Hippodrome, to save any red faces for the very easily shocked British public. We also wonder if the casino bosses are also considering going out with some spray paint to cover some of the rude words adorned on London Underground trains too!

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