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Coronation Street Scenes At A Roulette Table


7 Aug 2017

Robert Preston is one of the main characters in current storylines on Coronation Street and in an episode that aired on 31st July, he gambled a substantial amount at a casino in an effort to solve his problems.

The character has a long history of problems with gambling and alcohol and if you’re a fan of the show you might remember him winning a little with Carla just before they fell into bed together a few years ago.

Hoping For Big Casino Win

The reason for his debt is that Chesney Brown was stabbed following an attack on the Bistro that Robert now owns. The attack happens as part of another storyline featuring Robert.

Chesney has engaged a lawyer and is ‘suing’ the Bistro and Robert and whilst the amount has reduced from £10k to £5k, he just does not have the money.

In an effort to try and get the money together, Robert takes cash from the till at the Bistro and heads to his local casino.

He grabs himself a large whiskey at the bar and heads to the roulette table just as the commercial break starts.

It’s not until later in the episode that we see him again at the table and it’s clear, he hasn’t had much luck. During this time, his girlfriend, Michelle, calls him and over hears the croupier say ‘place your bets please’. This leads her to head straight for the casino, clearly knowing his past issues.

Robert tries to withdraw more money and the cashier tells him that he has insufficient funds in his account. He requests that she try a lower amount in order to get some cash.

Michelle turns up as he waiting on the outcome of a roulette wheel spin telling him that ‘somehow I don’t think today is your lucky day’.

Despite his other half clearly not being impressed, Robert continues to gamble and lose.

Coronation Street clearly cannot be seen as glamorising gambling.