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Coming Soon From Microgaming, Jurassic World Slot

We're soon to see a new title added from Microgaming, one that has a lot to live up to following on from the success of the Jurassic Park slot. Jurassic World is the name of the coming soon slot.


22 Feb 2016

In August 2014 Microgaming launched the popular Jurassic Park slot, a 243 payline game with an impressive bonus round and great winning potential.

The title was added to a selection of casinos offering Microgaming Quickfire slots and featured a selection of dinosaurs from the 1993 movie in the bonus round.

It was just eight months from the deal being signed with Universal before the slot game was launched and we’re hoping that we’re soon to see the follow up, Jurassic World, at online casinos like bet365 Casino.

Universal And Microgaming Sign Deal For Jurassic World

Earlier this month Microgaming announced that they had landed a new deal with Universal but where the previous title took 20+ years to come to fruition from the original film premiere, the turn around for Jurassic World will be substantially quicker!

The question is, is the new slot going to differ enough from Jurassic Park?

Considering the films follow on with a similar storyline, are we going to see too many similarities between the two slot titles for Jurassic World to have as big an impact as the original?

We’ll certainly be keen to see how the bonus features in the new game work.

Movie Tie-In With Jurassic Titles From Microgaming

On the original Jurassic Park slot we see many of the characters from the film make an appearance and this is likely to continue with Jurassic World.

Our guess at the main characters to feature will be:

  • Owen (Chris Pratt)
  • Claire (Byrce Dallas Howard)
  • Masrani (Irrfan Khan)
  • Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio)

Although Gray (Ty Simpkins) and Zach (Nick Robinson) were main characters in the Jurassic World film, their ages prevent them from being used for a casino slot game.

As yet we do not know an actual launch date but we do know that the game will definitely be launched in 2016.

As soon as it is live, we will be spinning the reviews and bringing you a full review.