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ComeOn Casino ‘Literal’ Advertising

The ComeOn Casino advert has a unique way of selling their brand to the viewers with a literal translation of what they have to offer you.


5 Jan 2016

Over the years we have seen quite a number of online casinos advertising their wares on the small screen and often, they appear to follow a very similar vein.

Watching television over the Christmas period the ComeOn Casino advert was showing and we were interested to see that this brand appeared to take a very ‘literal’ approach to their marketing.

ComeOn Casino Lift

The journey to the ComeOn Casino starts in a lift, the House of Casinos lift.

There are four occupants at the start of the commercial, one of which is the hotel porter or bellhop. The other three are casino patrons.

The ComeOn Casino Journey

As they reach floor one the porter says ‘Your casino sir’ as the lift doors open and a burly looking bouncer steps in and grabs one of the occupants.

The voiceover says ‘At ComeOn Casino we don’t just grab you with big offers’.

The lift moves to the next floor and the porter dons a pair of sunglasses before announcing the arrival at the second floor. The door opens and the remaining two patrons are blinded with a strong light as the voiceover says ‘or blind you with bright lights’. Another occupant leaves.

The lift continues to the third floor as the voiceover tells of the friendly, relaxed approach of ComeOn Casino.

As the last occupant leaves the lift he is welcomed to what looks more like a loft apartment than a casino.

ComeOn Casino Offers

The voiceover continues by waxing lyrical about all that is offered by the casino.

All your favourite slots and games and we pay out an average of £5 million in prizes every month, PLUS a £5 free bonus.

ComeOn Casino, it’s just the way we roll.

ComeOn Casino Advert

Here’s the commercial if you haven’t already caught it on TV: