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Chingford is luckiest betting place in Britain


30 Aug 2013

According to one of the UK’s leading bookmakers, Chingford is the luckiest place to live for Britons who like placing bets on football.

Research commissioned by Ladbrokes has found that the London suburb boasted the highest return on football accumulators in the 2012/13 season, giving bettors more than half a million pounds in winnings.

Glasgow, on the other hand, took the title of second luckiest place in Britain, although the total amount of winnings totalling £5,000 or more in the area was less than half of those in Chingford.

Liverpool came third in the list, and the small Rhondda Valley town of Tylorstown came fourth. The tiny Welsh town, which has a population of just 4,000, actually experienced more successful accumulator bets than the whole of the West End of London.

The Top 20 list, which was produced by Ladbrokes, also featured the City of London as well as Camden, and states the biggest football accumulator they have paid out to-date (in relation to stake) was to a Berkshire gambler who won over £272,000 from a bet of just £2.50 in January 2011.

A Ladbrokes’ spokesman said “there must be something in the water” in the number one luckiest location of Chingford.

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