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Celebrity Big Brother Sponsored By Pink Casino


25 Aug 2016

Not being Big Brother fans, either the Joe Public version or Celebrity, we’ve completely missed the fact that an online casino are currently sponsoring Celebrity Big Brother (CBB).

We couldn’t avoid all of the media hype and knew that the likes of Christopher Biggins, Sam Fox and a few other ‘has beens’ and ‘wannabes’ were in the house, but the sponsorship by Pink Casino had been completely overlooked.

Extended Celebrity Big Brother

In previous years, CBB has only run for three weeks but in 2016 it will be five weeks long from start to finish.

It began on 28th July and finishes tomorrow and in that time, there has been much controversy!

The favourite to win with the bookies as of 21st August was Ricky Norwood, the chap who played Fats in Eastenders. Up until last week, it was Stephen Bear (shipwrecked and Ex On The Beach).

Pink Casino Sponsorship

Pink Casino are seen in the bumpers for the show and if we’d have been following them on Twitter, we’d have known that the brand had secured the sponsorship. Apparently, they’d been teasing their 800+ follows with clues, showing a pink chair etc.

Their bumpers aren’t actually that interesting but then what can you do with 15 seconds?

In the one we have seen (on YouTube, not by watching CBB) shows a pretty blonde flinging her arms about before running to sit in a Big Brother style chair. The well-known phrase uttered during live evictions is said “You are live on air, please do not swear” and then the viewer is informed that the show is sponsored by Pink Casino.

However, whilst we didn’t find it very interesting a number of people on Twitter are clearly quite taken with the woman from the commercial.

Who is the Blonde Babe on the #PinkCasino sponsor advert ??

I don’t know who that girl is for the #pinkcasino adverts before #cbb but she is stunning!!!

I wanna marry that girl and I’m not even joking! #PinkCasino #CBBUK #CBB #CelebrityBigBrother

Click the image below to watch the 15-second bumper.

As a footnote, Betway sponsored the main Big Brother this summer and BB was won by Jason Burrill.