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bgo Casino Use Iconic 90’s Tune In Commercial

bgo Casino are asking players if they can beat The Boss in a new television campaign that uses the iconic 90's tune from MC Hammer, Can't Touch This.


17 Jun 2016

If you were around in the 90’s, and even if you weren’t even born until the late 90’s, the chances are you will know the iconic tune that has been used for the new bgo Casino commercial.

The commercial was only released on 13th June on YouTube but at the time of writing this article (13th June) had nearly a quarter of a million views.

Verne Troyer Challenges bgo Casino Players

We have to admit to loving it; it’s quirky, fun and certainly attention grabbing – all the things that you want from a commercial. When you see it you’ll laugh whilst cringing just a little bit for Mr Troyer.

Add to the already great combination of fun and quirkiness the popular 90’s tune Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer and we think bgo Casino are onto a winner.

It begins with ‘The Boss’ (Verne Troyer) in a small boat on his pool when the assistant passes him a gold plated telephone.

Of course we can only hear one side of the call but The Boss says ‘What? Beating Me?’ before parking the boat up, spreading his arms to indicate his palatial surroundings and saying ‘You can’t beat this’ as the tune kicks in.

He’s then seen in various locations showing off the impressive items that he owns – posh cars, two white tigers, a motorbike and much more besides, as he sings his parody of the MC Hammer song.

Can’t Touch This bgo Casino Parody

The parody is called ‘Can’t Beat This’ and goes something like this

Winnings makes me so rich
Makes me shake all my chips
Thank you for blessing me
With a chain that’s big and a head that’s shiny
And I own the hot seat
I am The Boss that you can’t beat.

Please note that like many lyrics, our transalation may be a bit off – it’s actually quite difficult to understand Verne’s voice at points in the advert.

Watch The bgo Casino Commercial

If you have yet to see the advert, just click the link below to view it: