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Betway Get Free X Factor Advertising

Although the ASA don't think it is acceptable for a gambling company to tweet about an under 25-year-old football player, it would appear to be completely acceptable for a gambling brand to be shown on prime time TV before the watershed.


8 Dec 2015

When it comes to getting your brand name out there the saying is that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Even when we are covering stories about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) slapping gambling companies on the wrist for using under 25’s in Tweets, it’s still bringing the brand name to the attention of our readers.

You may be wondering what this has got to do with Betway and the X Factor, well let us explain…

On Saturday night we saw the favourite to win this year’s X Factor, Louisa Johnson and her family meet with her idols, the West Ham team.

Louise Johnson, West Ham And Betway

In the clip shown on this Saturday’s show, we saw the 17-year-old have a kick about and meet the team, a team that are sponsored by Betway and whose kit are emblazoned with their logo.

James Tomkins (26) and Louisa Johnson (17)

[insert Louisa and James image]

As you can see above, the Betway logo is clear to see.

West Ham have been tweeting about Louisa’s visit and there have been many pictures of the X Factor contestant and the team shown on Twitter, including this image

James Tomkins and Louisa Johnson
Credit: Echo News

Will The ASA Frown Upon This?

Whilst Betway themselves have not tweeted directly about the West Ham visit by Louisa Johnson, is there not a level of hypocrisy by the ASA if no ruling is forthcoming about the Betway, West Ham, Louisa Johnson link?

Louise is under 25, she is clearly seen on multiple occasions with the West Ham team all sporting Betway sponsored kit.

Not only were pictures tweeted showing this, the clip of her with the team appeared on National TV BEFORE the watershed too!

We’ve no issue with it, in our mind it was simply a football fan meeting the team she idolises BUT, considering recent rulings concerning gambling tweets that have used players under the age of 25, wouldn’t the ASA seem a little hypocritical if nothing was said about West Ham, Betway and Louisa Johnson – especially when you consider the audience the X Factor reaches!