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#BetRegret Campaign From BeGambleAware.org


22 Apr 2019

You may be aware of the Senet Group’s ‘When the Fun Stops, Stop’ campaign featuring the ‘Bad Betty’ parody. It was launched to heighten awareness of responsible gambling.

A month ago we saw the #BetRegret campaign hit our screens from BeGambleAware.org. Like the campaign from the Senet Group, all of the Safer Gambling ads focus on what are considered situations in which it is not wise to place bets or gamble.

This isn’t the first time that BeGambleAware have taken to our television screens with a hard-hitting social responsibility campaign. Back in 2017 they took to the small screen and shortly after, the ASA banned the BeGambleAware campaign advert because it breached two CAP Codes.

Safer Gambling With No #BetRegret

Here we look at one of the current three adverts from the BeGambleAware.org campaign:

#BetRegret – Bored

The Bored Betting advert features a man sitting on the toilet, mobile phone in hand. He is clearly contemplating placing a bet and on hitting the bet button is transported from the cubicle / bathroom to the television commentary box of a horse racing event!

He is still sat on the throne and the male commentator welcomes him to the box whilst talking to the camera.

He welcomes him by name (Dominic Robinson) and says that he has been struggling to go the distance at work this afternoon. He continues by saying ‘To relieve the boredom he has placed a bet an easy way bet, here at Newbury, on Cupid’s Dart in the 2.30.’

The female presenter says, “Never a good idea”, before the male commentator asks Dominic how it feels to flush his hard earned money straight down the pan.

We then see Dominic back in the cubicle with the tag line “You’ll BetRegret it”.

The other commercials are #BetRegret – Chasing Losses and
#BetRegret – Drinking. The latter features a chap in a kebab shop clearly two sheets to the wind. He places a bet on a football match on his phone and is transported to the commentators box for a match between Panama Viejo and Sporting Colon.

The commentators ask him why he placed a bet on the outcome of this game but it’s all in a foreign language so is subtitled!

All three of the adverts are hard-hitting and, of course, are very wise in what they are saying. Like the Senet Group campaign before it, we think these will make punters stop and think.