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Betfred Employees Save Customer


27 Sep 2017

Often the news surrounding gambling, both online and retail, can be quite negative in the press but a story on the BBC website caught our attention earlier in the month.

The story has a real feel good factor about it and tells of how two Betfred employees saved the life of a 72 year old man.

£1 Bet At Betfred Was A Life Saver

We all dream of placing that bet that changes our lives, be it at the bookies, spinning the reels at an online casino or playing the lottery but we would never expect that a bet could be a life saver.

Inadvertently, a £1 bet was for Michael Base of Diss in Norfolk. It was this small bet that was missed by the staff at the Betfred shop and resulted in Mr Base being found in a diabetic coma.

Two of the staff in the Betfred shop noticed that Mr Base had not been in for several days to place his twice-daily £1 bet, something he had done every day for 13 years.

Jamie Scales and Jack Bell both knew roughly where Mr Base lived and visited the area to ask local residents whether they had seen him or not. After many enquiries, they finally found someone who knew Mr Base and gave them his address.

They knocked at the address but when no reply was received, they telephoned the police. Mr Base was found in a diabetic coma, he’d been in the coma for four days at that point!

Winning With Betfred

Those missed bets are probably ones that Mr Base is really glad he never placed and turned out to be life savers.

He said

I don’t think that Jamie and Jack saved my life, I know they did.

I’m not sure how I ended up on the floor in a coma but it was obviously my diabetes. I was only a few yards from my tablets but could not reach them.

You can read the original story on the BBC website here.