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Betfair Launches Exclusive Offers Via SnapChat


28 Feb 2014

By now, most big operators know how powerful social media can be but Betfair has been the first bookmaker to hop on-board the SnapChat wagon.

SnapChat is a photo and video-messaging application that allows users to record videos and take photos and send them on to their friends along with text or drawings as “snaps”.

Betfair’s app profile is called “Betfairofficial”, and in a move which the operator describes as “an industry first”, they offered improved and exclusive odds on some of last weekend’s football matches via a Snapchat message sent to fans. However, only the first five hundred recipients to follow the enclosed link were allowed to take advantage of the offer, and wagers placed at the enhanced price were capped at £10.

Mark Ody, Betfair’s Brand Director, says he’s “hugely excited” about the new social media profile which he thinks has “huge potential” for the operator. Betfair already makes good use of its Twitter profile where it also adds exclusive odds and makes announcements to its 57,700 followers.

If Betfair’s management feel that last weekend’s SnapChat trial, which ran for the Crystal Palace v Manchester United and Chelsea v Everton matches, was a success, it is likely that the project will be extended.

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