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Ben Affleck gets banned for beating blackjack


13 May 2014

It’s not every day you get to spot, let alone rub shoulders with a famous film star at a Las Vegas Casino, but that’s exactly what happened to some patrons of the Hard Rock Casino on The Strip the other week.

Sadly, Ben Affleck (the star of films like Pearl Harbour, Argo, Shakespeare in Love, and Armageddon) wasn’t playing in the club for too long as he was asked to leave Hard Rock’s High Roller blackjack tables after he was allegedly caught counting cards.

While card counting itself is not illegal, it’s a practice which is frowned on by the majority of land-based casinos, and can result in the practitioner getting banned from the premises. Mr. Affleck is known to have been a regular visitor to Vegas’ many casinos in the past, often winning considerable sums of money, and he also (somewhat ironically) starred in a film about an online gambling tycoon in 2013, called “Runner Runner”.

However, despite Hard Rock’s management being less than impressed with Mr. Affleck’s good fortunes during his recent visit, a rival casino owner has reportedly told America’s TMZ that his club isn’t afraid a Ben “winning a few hands in a row”, and that he can come and play blackjack whenever he likes without having to worry about “security walking him out”.