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Bad Taste Pogba Tweet From Online Casino


19 Aug 2016

There’s one online casino, and this time we aren’t going to give their brand an airing, that really is pushing all the wrong buttons in their efforts to get free advertising, but sadly it is working.

On August 9th, severally daily newspapers ran articles about the offensive tweets made by the online casino in question, which ultimately gave them thousands of pounds of advertising for free.

Football, Madeline McCann And Online Casino

The offending tweet made reference to the Manchester United transfer deal of Paul Pogba. Previously the team had let the French midfielder go to Juventus for free, but are now buying him back for £109 million.

The tweet from the online casino said

Letting Poga [sic] go on a free, then buying him back @€100m. Worst decision since the McCanns went for dinner. #Pogback

Needless to say, Twitter users were up in arms and below are just some of the tweets in response:

And this is why you don’t let interns do your social media….

Like anyone in their right mind will have anything to do with you after that appalling tweet. Shame on you!

Keep craving that attention; offensive jokes won’t make your business successful.

You really must be a sh*t company if you have to result [sic] in pathetic ‘jokes’ like this just to get a bit of publicity

You know you’ve f**ked it when even The Sun says you’re sick.

Ooh, one of those vile tweets left completely redundant by the fact you manage to misspell the actual player’s name ‪#Fools

Several even make reference to the potential Everton shirt sponsorship, clearly not happy about the way the online casino in question use social media.

A tweet to the Everton Fan channel says

You sure you want these c***s to be our next sponsor, f**kin disgrace. Whoever runs this Twitter should be fired

As Bad As It Is, The Results Are In..

As offended as people are, and not all were we hasten to add, the story made the Nationals and engaged people on social media and sadly, that is priceless.

But as we keep saying, this company offends with their attempts at humour where Paddy Power gets the laughs.

The Tweet was removed shortly after appearing, but not before it created media interest and the result hoped for was achieved.