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Anthony Joshua Stars In William Hill Advert


13 May 2019

Last week we looked at two different online gambling adverts that have now been banned since they aired. Today we take a look at the most recent campaign from William Hill that features Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua is a professional boxer who currently holds three of the four major boxing titles in the world. You could say he is a powerhouse for William Hill advertising.

You might expect that the new advert for William Hill focuses on sports betting because of the person who is the star, but actually it doesn’t. The commercial just seems to be promoting the brand as a whole rather than any of the specific parts of it.

It’s not casino related, sportsbetting, vegas, live casino, scratchcards, bingo – just William Hill.

The William Hill Advert

If you have not yet seen the advert starring Anthony Joshua then just click the image below to view it:

The synopsis of the commercial from William Hill is that both Anthony and the brand are heavyweights in their respective crafts and that both offer similar values when it comes to honesty and integrity.

The opening scene is Anthony Joshua in the ring with an opponent; blows are exchanged and then there is an uppercut from AJ that sends his opponent flying backwards. This happens in slow motion before freezing.

Drums start to play a tune and we see the star of the advert don his robe before putting on a pair of gloves that illuminate. AJ starts to perform a dance routine of sorts with a sequence of hooks and jabs as the soundtrack plays.

All the while, as viewers, we were waiting for the bonus offer to appear on the screen and it didn’t. All we saw were the words ‘Heavyweights since 1934’ and then the William Hill logo.

Cleverly done we thought.