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888 Casino Slots Advert


19 Dec 2016

When it comes to advertising any product the main ingredient of the commercial has to be the ability to connect with your target audience. 888 Casino certainly seem to have done that with their latest marketing campaign.

There’s no bells and whistles to the slots TV advert for 888 Casino; you’re not watching flashing lights or listening to a woman trying to pull off a When Harry Met Sally moment. Instead you are shown a three-reel one-arm bandit….

888 Casino Capture The Excitement

At first glance the 888 Casino commercial does look like it’s going to be rather tedious and it’s not obvious as to how a gaming machine from a retail casino translates to an online audience but it soon becomes clear.

The arm is pulled and the reels start spinning with a melon landing on the payline of reel one.

The song that heightens the sense of excitement in the advert is taken from The Barber Of Seville, and you will recognise it instantly.

You are then shown a conveyor belt with a few bunches of bananas, pineapples and or course, melons on it. Above it sits a one-ton weight hanging from a rope. Directed toward the rope is a blowtorch.

The commercial switches back and forth from the one arm bandit to the conveyor belt as the reels continue to spin. Finally a melon lands on reel two too.

As the song continues to play, it approaches the crescendo as the rope is finally burnt through and the weight falls to land on the melon. The payline is complete now with three melons creating a winning line.

Suspense.In.Every.Moment. is what is said on the commercial but it’s only heard at 21 seconds in, the first voice heard throughout.

The 888 Casino Commercial

In our opinion, this captures the feeling of excitement on every spin at an online casino. An excitement that is almost palpable in this commercial.

The strapline says it all, ‘Welcome to the edge of your seat’

If you have not seen the advert, simply click the image below to view.

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