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888 Casino Roulette And Blackjack Adverts


3 Jan 2017

In December we took a look at the 888 Casino slots advert and waxed lyrical about how impressive it was because it caught the excitement of spinning the reels of online slots. Today we look at the roulette and blackjack adverts from the same brand.

The common denominator of the three commercials from 888 Casino is the use of the opera classic from the Barber Of Seville as the backing track. This contributes to building the sense of excitement in all of the adverts.

888 Casino Roulette Advert

The advert starts with two stainless steel tables in a room, each is laden with poker chips with a stick of dynamite in the centre. One set of chips is red, the other black.

The scene flits between the room with the two tables and a game of roulette in a casino. Bets are placed and the wheel spun.

We see the ball bounce across the wheel and then a close up of the fuse burning away on both the red and black dynamite sticks, all the while the music is building a crescendo.


But you don’t get to see whether Red or Black win, simply the 888 Casino logo and welcome bonus.

888 Casino Blackjack Advert

For the Blackjack version of the advert you are shown a blackjack table and dealer and then many card houses with a green car skidding around between them.

A jack is dealt to the player, followed by a two. The car continues to wheel spin around the card houses, precariously close to knocking one of the card houses down.

A four is dealt onto the hand and the look on the face of the dealer appears to challenge the player to take another card. The music is all the while reaching a crescendo.

The green car approaches a card ramp, revs and wheel spins as the player taps the table to take the final card. The car screeches across the ramp toward a card arch….


Both adverts create the same excitement as the slots version, certainly for me and I don’t play either game.