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777 Casino Commercial Doesn’t Quite Hit the Jackpot

777 Casino currently have a commercial showing on the small screen but this player doesn't think it hits the advertising jackpot.


25 Nov 2015

When it comes to advertising an online casino, as in all marketing, the aim is to grab the viewers attention and make them want to turn off the TV and register with the brand or buy the product being advertised.

There are some online casino commercials that do that, but of late I have found myself bored by those I have seen.

The latest is from 777 Casino, a brand that has been launched by giants 888 Holdings.

The commercial itself takes the ‘Route 66’ type theme that is prevalent on the home page of the brand and has tried to bring it to life in the advert.

The 777 Casino Commercial Storyboard

The opening scene of the advert sees a pair of boots strolling into what appears to be a traditional American diner.

A needle is placed on a record player that has a centre that looks like a roulette wheel and a chap flicks up a pair of dice into his hand.

We’re then shown the same chap sat at the diner bar talking about how it is funny how luck works.

He continues by saying:

Some people have it, others make their own. It could be a roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel.

Maybe luck is just believing that you’re lucky.

I got a feeling that Lady Luck is smiling on me today.

At this point the diner waitress comes over and asks if he is talking to himself again.

The screen then shows the logo and the current welcome offer.

Watch The 777 Casino Commercial

Click the play button below to see the advert from 777 Casino.

My Opinion

The commercial is too dark and certainly too Americanised for my taste.

It appears to be aimed more at a male demographic and as a woman casino player, does nothing to grab my attention at all – not even with the £21 free offer.