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£71k Piggy Riches Win at Mr. Green Casino

Piggy Riches pays out huge £71k prize to Mr Green Casino player


27 Aug 2015

Wanting to win a massive payout is a dream of many players, and at Mr. Green Casino the other week, one member was lucky enough to bring home the bacon after playing a slot called Piggy Riches.

Rather ironically, the player (who wishes to remain anonymous) works in the field of insurance. So, we assume he covered all his bases before putting his money into Mr. Green’s piggy bank. The fortunate fellow was enjoying some animal-themed entertainment with one of Net Entertainment’s most popular slots when he logged in and out of his account, “and saw the figure €10,000”. Somewhat confused, he reached for his calculator to double check he wasn’t seeing things, and swiftly realised that his account balance was actually showing over €100,000. That’s around £71,000.

Delighted with his good fortune, he immediately decided to treat his entire family to a trip to an amusement park in Gothenburg, Sweden, and bank the remainder for a rainy day.

Why not try playing Piggy Riches at Mr. Green Casino yourself? Even if it fails to produce such a sweet-smelling payout as this recent winner, it could still fatten up your account balance with its multipliers, free spins, and top jackpot of 360,000 coins.

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