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£7.1m Fine For Daub Alderney Ltd


14 Nov 2018

In January of this year, the UK Gambling Commission gave Daub Alderney Ltd notice that they would be undertaking a review of its operating licence.

In April of this year the case was referred to the UKGC’s Regulatory Panel so that they could make a decision and it was found that Daub Alderney Ltd had breached conditions around anti-money laundering (AML) and had failed in its social responsibility.

The result of this was that the company has been fined a whopping £7.1 million, a warning was issued and extra conditions added to their operating licence.

Technical Failure At Daub Alderney

There are several areas addressed in the overall findings of the UKGC against Daub Alderney, and if we covered them all we would be here all day. However, should you want to read of all the failings and shortcomings, then you can do so on this link.

A standout part of the whole process was a technical failure between 14th July 2017 and 1 September 2017.

In this period 98 self-exclusion emails and 30 problem gambling emails were not passed to customer service. This meant that the customers who had emailed requesting self-exclusions, or addressing gambling problems, were still able to use their accounts and continue play.

In total they had deposited £17,830.33 in the time period. It was noted by the UKGC that the money was refunded to customers. Whilst the UKGC were accepting of the fact that this was a technical error rather than a deliberate breach, it was clear that it had a significant impact on those who had requested a self-exclusion.

Fines Aplenty From UKGC

This is one of the heftier fines that have been levied against gambling operators in the last year or so.

In fact, it is the second largest and is just £700,000 less than the £7.8 million fine against 888 in August 2017.